Slow Cooker Old-Fashioned Beef Stew

Everytime I watch the local and international news channels, one of the main headlines is the snowy weather. The snow packs so high and the temperatures drop way below freezing. I see my friends posting photos of themselves surrounded by heavy snow and they speak about plowing them away. In Italy, the north and most parts of the country are quite affected. And Rome and the surrounding areas? You see how green the grass is? We didn't get any. Just the usual thin layer of icy morning dew on the grass, buckets of rain, howling winds and pretty low temps. I think that's why our grass is so green.

Rome doesn't get snow. It only does on very rare occasions just like the memorable two days of snow we had a few years ago. In my sixteen years here, I only witnessed a couple of succeeding days in one winter. It was a strange sight to see the Colosseum in white, also St. Peter's Square but what was really unforgettable for me was when I opened my bedroom window that morning and saw everything in white. There, right in my own house, there was snow. It took the kids only a few minutes to jump out of bed, get dressed and play outside. 

Thinking of the cold days, my slow cooker has been continuously in action. After making some soups and stews, I had to make a good Old-Fashioned Beef Stew. It's actually my beef stew recipe for the regular thick saucepan that I adapted for the slow cooker. The outcome is tasty and delicious but with a thinner sauce because liquids in slow cookers never thicken. One great thing about it is that I can leave it cooking for hours without bothering to stir it. The smell emanating from the kitchen is a constant reminder that something that's making me terribly hungry is cooking. 

If you are interested in this Slow Cooker Old-Fashioned Beef Stew recipe, check it out at Skinny Ms. Buon appetito!

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