Ricotta and Pancetta Gnocchi

Giovedi gnocchi (Thursday gnocchi). Have you ever heard of that Italian saying? It means every Thursday, gnocchi is served on the Roman tables. Then there is also Venerdi pesce (Friday fish) and Sabato trippa (Saturday tripe). It's an old tradition in the city of Rome and still, it is being followed by a lot of fresh pasta shops, restaurants, cafeterias and traditional families. You can see them more present than usual and if you are in Rome, it's the perfect day to try them staying alongside the city's tradition.

But of course the gnocchi that you will find are the traditional ones too, the ones that are made of potatoes with tomato sauce (yum!), butter and sage (another yum!), pesto or practically everything!

Here I have something different because they are made of ricotta that I mixed with pancetta (Italian bacon) then I rolled them on a hot saucepan with extra virgin olive oil to brown them. As a final touch, I poured some melted butter with sage. If you are counting the calories, I wouldn't on this one and just enjoy it. As soon as it comes out from the saucepan, get ready and dive in. It's the best way to enjoy them, hot, fluffy, soft and delicate.

If you would like to recreate this Ricotta and Pancetta Gnocchi, you will find my recipe at She Knows. I frequently create recipes for them and if you would like to see the others that I came up with, visit my Profile Page there. Thanks for dropping and enjoy your Sunday!

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