Dairy-Free Crepes

Light as air, minimal and most especially, non-dairy. I tried to keep the ingredients of these crepes as light as possible by replacing the dairy milk with water and the butter with extra virgin olive oil. They are not as elastic as the classic crepes but just the same, they are equally delicious. If you want to take the lightness further, fill them up with fruits, low-fat jams or fruit compotes that you can easily make yourself to control the amount of sugar.

I love crepes (and pancakes too!) because I can fill them up with anything I want and that is where my imagination starts rolling. I never forget the fruits, ice cream or chocolates and sometimes liquors too. The possibilities are always endless when it comes to food anyway. But this time, I pushed them all aside and went for a basic and simple concoction to go with the crepe base. If I am making the crepes light, then there's no reason to go for anything heavier than the base. Fresh fruits of the season and some homemade compotes or jams are unquestionably the best fit. Or, if you are like my daughter, who never minded crepes in her life, surprisingly ate all the crepes I left on the table smeared with her favorite spread - Nutella, or rather a copy of it that I buy now that has less sugar content and more hazelnuts. With or without any hazelnut spread, these crepes are the best for her. 

You can get this Dairy-Free Crepes recipe at Skinny Ms., a site where I create healthy recipes. I hope you'll like them! 

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