Slow Cooker Kale and Sausage Soup

If there is ever a recipe that gave me surprising results, this has to be one of them. This soup is definitely not a looker, in fact, I had a hard time photographing it. But don't let the looks deceive you because this is full of flavors, thanks to the kale, and the sausage gave it a delicious accompaniment in the overall taste. Yes, the sausage gives a strong taste too but do choose the kind that doesn't have so much overpowering herbs and spices mixed in because it might clash with the kale. The sausage I used in this soup has some fennel seeds and other mild-tasting herbs and spices. So choose the sausages well to make a great-tasting soup and don't forget the less fatty ones too. A good choice makes a big difference in taste and in nutrition.

Like with most of my recipes, I tried to minimize the ingredients in this soup. Because I believe that less is always better so basically, we have kale, sausages, potatoes and vegetable broth. It's a healthy kind of soup that gives quite a satisfaction. Keep this recipe because you might be needing it during these really cold days we are going through.

You can get my Slow Cooker Kale and Sausage Soup recipe at Skinny Ms. where I share skinny and healthy recipes. Enjoy another slow cooker soup from my kitchen!

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