One-Pot Lemon Garlic Chicken with Fried Barley and Scrambled Eggs

I love toasted garlic. I really do love how it boosts the flavors of the food and how good it tastes when mixed with other ingredients. There is a difference between fresh garlic sautèed with the food at the beginning of cooking a dish and sprinkling of toasted bits of garlic in extra virgin olive oil. Big difference. And I cannot explain how good it is to munch on them. I love them most in toasted crunchy slivers mixed with roasted peanuts. Yum! But the only drawback is that I cannot stand the taste and smell of garlic in the mouth way after eating because it remains there for hours, sometimes, even after a day, however much I stuff myself with everything mint from toothpastes to mouthwashes to strong candies. Do you do anything special to get rid of it?

In spite of this, when I cook dishes with garlic and lemon (another ingredient that I strongly love), I just cannot turn the other way. The desire to have it is too strong. So as you can see, with this simply fried breaded chicken fillet flavored with lemon, I had to have it. For something very good, I paired it with fried barley, in place of my usual rice. To give it a bacony taste, I mixed it with pancetta (replace with bacon if you can't find it) and some bits of zucchini for a hint of vegetables.

There are two things that I love about this one-pot meal. Foremost, I only used one pot to cook everything. That is really great because in cooking, the dirty job is also mine - cleaning up all my mess in the kitchen. The second thing that I love about this dish is that I can enjoy my breakfast for dinner. With all that garlic, it is best eaten at night time anyway. This is a complete breakfast for dinner one-pot meal that you will definitely love for its richness in flavors and its simplicity. 

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