Slow Cooker Beans, Tomatoes and Onion Salad

When I eat this salad, my husband maintains a safe distance between us for at least 24 hours. Even if I use the tropea onions, the mildest variety that I can get here, that distance still doesn't shorten. Knowing fully well that this "let's play a game of distance" will happen, I don't mind because a simple salad of beans, tomatoes and onions beckons me to the table at times. I don't eat as much onions as the ones in the picture (that's for purpose of photos only) but I do need a few slices to complete one of my favorite salads. Beans and tomatoes are never the same without the onions - but my husband argues that they are the same and much better even. Onion hater.

When I want to have beans and I didn't plan to make the dish beforehand, I would just grab a can from my pantry. But when I get to plan it, then the slow cooker does the job for me. Let's face it, dried beans really take long to prepare even if there is not much work entailed. There's the overnight soaking then the hours of cooking, which the slow cooker can do in 6 hours. The protein and other nutrients that we get from the dried ones are higher than the ones from the canned ones so a little bit of sacrifice is beneficial for our bodies.

With all the cooking that I make, sometimes, I like to go back to the simplest ones that I can sit down to and enjoy like this one because at the end of it all, simple things matter. It might look like a boring plate (especially my husband's version without onions) but I think you should give this one a chance. You won't regret it.

Ready to check out my Slow Cooker Beans, Tomatoes and Onion Salad recipe? You can get it at Skinny Ms. I hope you will like this one and make more repeats in your kitchen. Happy Monday!

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