Homemade Plum Sauce

This recipe is a bit off-season because plums are nowhere to be found right now in Italy and I guess in any part of the world but since it is quite basic, you can also replace it with other fruits in season. I just used two ingredients, the plums and sugar. When I make my jams, spreads or sauces, I usually use less sugar than I should. The general rule is to follow the 1:1 ratio but since I cannot stand overly sweet food, I never follow it. When you put a lot of sugar, it serves as the preservative, it helps with the gel formation and most important of all, it reduces the possibility of having microbes spoil it. Less sugar means you will have a more watery consistency which means that you will have to cook it longer to get that desired gel formation and the shelf life is drastically reduced.

When I make my jams, spreads or sauces, I don't make big batches that can't be consumed within a month. If the batches are small, we even get to finish everything within a week so I putting little sugar is ok in my household. The taste is something I cannot ever get from the commercial ones that I buy because it has much more fruit and very little sugar. If you get some good fruits, make a very small batch with very little sugar that can be consumed within 3 days and taste the difference. 

At home, we have some fruit bearing trees and the ones that I usually make jams with are quinces, apricots, figs and plums. The latter 3 are fruits that my family and I love eating straight from the tree and what remains go to the saucepan that I make into jams or sauces. Plums are amazing to cook with and I absolutely love them with anything. I usually make a small batch and leave it in the refrigerator, which I pour on almost everything like pancakes, gelato, yogurt, oatmeals, toasts, and even aged cheese.

Check out this Homemade Plum Sauce I made and find out for yourself what I am speaking about. You find the recipe at Skinny Ms., a site where I make healthy recipes. Enjoy this one and have a wonderful week!

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