Spicy Lentil and Soybean Curry

Twice a week, for 45 minutes, I wait, along with other mothers and a stray father or two outside our daughters' ballet room. Most of us stay close to the closed door and wait until the class finishes. Forty five minutes is a bit long to hang around and twiddle our thumbs but it's too short to leave the place and run around the town doing errands. So I take my computer with me to catch up on work while waiting while some mothers go to the bar next door, some leave and some sit down waiting. But there is a mom who doesn't just sit down and wait. She sometimes has a package with her. A warm fragrant one.

Generosity is her middle name. She just likes to bake and share. And her cakes are always good. Oh, and she also provides the drinks! Waiting it out on the bench is not bad at all, isn't it?

While waiting, there is always something to speak about. The other day, the topic was about how they cook lenticchie (lentils). Since lenticchie e cotechino is a traditional New Year's Eve dish here, it's unthinkable not to eat it when the clock strikes 12. It's a reminder again that I broke a tradition this New Year. Well, ok, I'll do double next year! I am lucky because my kids eat them, especially my son who is actually crazy about them. So I cook them in more ways than one. Pasta and lentils with crispy bacon and zucchini, lentils and pasta soup, lentils with porcini and sausage and pasta with lentils and kale, risotto with red lentils and green peas and lentils with red mullet.

This time, I opted for a totally different tone in cooking them, with Indian influence using curry, soybeans and yogurt. You can find the recipe at She Knows when you click on this link. And this link takes you to my profile page there where you can see all the recipes I created for them. Thank your for visiting and enjoy your weekend!