Spiced Paprika Eggplant

I need a vegetable side dish. Fast! Lately, I have been neglecting to prepare vegetable dishes at home. Maybe because one side of me is tired of coercing the kids to eat them continuously or the other side of me is just being choosy and not admitting it. The only remaining vegetables I see in the vegetable bin are aubergines or eggplants. They are not my best vegetables. In fact, I can only eat them in chosen dishes like Parmigiana, Omelettes or Salads. That's the extent of my love for this vegetable but that love is extremely strong because I can eat portions fit for an army. So this dish is a trial to make myself step forward in approaching aubergines better with new flavors.

Yes, I ate them and they were good but the click didn't happen between us. Paprika is one of my favorite spices and I made this dish as simple as I could, actually reminiscent of how I bake my potatoes, coated with extra virgin olive oil and paprika minus the rosemary. I was after a bit of crunch which I got after using the fan of the convection oven for a few minutes. If you don't have a convection oven, don't worry, your aubergines will still come out well.

If there's anyone who actually enjoyed and raved about this, it's my husband, who swears that he is just a step away from being a vegetarian and loves everything vegetables. That makes me happy because the kids were nowhere to be found when I said dinner would be baked aubergines. Ok, along with sausages! You can come out now! Sigh.

It's another recipe that I created for She Knows, a site where I also develop recipes. You can access it at this link. For this link, you can see the rest of the recipes and some travel articles I have there. Enjoy your day!