Chicken Adobo Sandwich

I think leftovers are slated for sandwich fillers most of the time. They're given new life and sometimes they even come out much better than how they were originally cooked. If it's adobo I cooked, then the leftover gets a bit of fluffing up in the saucepan. Whereas if it's rotisserie chicken, then out comes the soy sauce and lemon combo and they all go straight to saucepan to get some shortcut adobo taste. These revived chicken strips go straight to the waiting arms of a packed sandwich and my brunch is perfect.

Because I grew up with the tug-of-war of salty and sour flavors together, I love those imprints on the adobo. But the adobo I like is the one  that purists will raise an eyebrow to. A proper adobo would have the meat swimming in enough oily sauce and would owe its tartness from vinegar, not really from lemons, but nowadays, lemons are becoming a popular substitute. Just the other day, my sister and I were discussing how we cook our adobos and we both agree that we both like the dried up versions with little sauce and the meat is sautèed which we double cook but the difference in our versions separated ways to my use of the lemons and her vinegar. Everyone has his own version and the possibilities are limitless. 

For this sandwich, I have the recipe prepared at She Knows, a site where you can see me often. Click on this link to get there. For the other recipes I have there, you can see them if you click on this other link. Thanks and have a great day!

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