Beef Stew in Chorizo and Red Wine Sauce

When I watch the news, I always see bad weather in a lot of areas. Heavy snow storms, continuous rain and low temperatures. Luckily, we are spared from them for now. I can't really complain about having very cold weathers because we don't always get cold spells and we only get rare snowfalls. We have one of the nicest winter weathers here. Mild and quite pleasant to enjoy outside on a sunny day. It's even nice sometimes to stay on a table outside a pizzeria to enjoy the sun beating down on your face while eating your pizza. Yes, when the weather's right, it's great to enjoy winter outdoors!

But when the weather is at its normal cold and gray spell, there's no choice really but to stay indoors. When everyone's cooped up indoors, I like filling  up the house with the nice smell of cooking. The kind that permeates the whole house insistently for its 3 hours of cooking. The kind that makes you give up and leaves you very hungry after 2 hours of smelling it from the kitchen. And the kind that makes you grab your own plate and sit down right on the dot of its third hour of cooking that by the time the fire is turned off, you can't take it anymore. Yes, this is the one! This is the recipe that I like cooking when it's too cold to step outside. It's beef, it's packed with protein and energy. Cooking it with full-bodied red wine, chorizo and tomato sauce makes it really rich in flavors. I like partnering this with polenta. They're perfect together! 

To see the recipe, please hop on over to Stepable. It's a new food site I joined that makes cooking much easier because our recipes come with step-by-step photos to give you a visual guidance in cooking. This link takes you to the recipe. Thank you as always and have a great weekend!