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03 January 2014

Baked Lemon Soy Chicken and Rice Platter

For a family of 4 with different tastes, mealtimes are often chaotic and frustrating. And it's also the noisiest part of our day. One child is bewildered because the glass served to her is red instead of the violet one and refuses to eat with us unless we change the color, and out comes "Where's my sparkling water? I don't like flat water!". The other one takes one look at the food, sees a teeny bit of white and declares that he won't eat then he takes a chance in dining with the iPad beside him. The "I-slept-a-full-9-hour-night" me would find it amusing but the sleep-deprived me would not be so amused at my usual mealtime chaos. Someone told me once, "live it, love it, for your children will not always be children. When they grow up, you will definitely miss these moments". Really?

But hey, there are actually some dishes that keep a little bit of calm and unity on the table. When I serve this chicken and rice doused with soy sauce and lemon, then all things clear up and we get to have a family meal without any damaged eardrums.  I am always grateful when I come up with a dish that satisfy everyone's whims. If it will make us have a quiet and smooth meal, then it's definitely a keeper. If you like Asian-inspired dishes, then you shouldn't miss this. I hope you enjoy it!

You can access the recipe at She Knows, where you can see me sharing some of my recipes often. Please click on this link to get there. To see the list of other recipes that I have at She Knows, please click on this other link. Thanks and enjoy your day!