Thick Hot Chocolate With Cotton Candy

I have been noticing pre-made cotton candy canisters at the supermarket lately. With Peppa Pig and Barbapapa winning the hearts of all toddlers these days and since they are both pink, they are selling well. Being a child of "cotton candy in the entertainment parks only era", I can't help wonder how it tastes like. Cotton candy used to be a special treat that you only get at night time in the parks and something that your parents despised because they are the worst stickiest things a child can eat while walking. I am undecided about its easy availability at the supermarket. I still like to think that my kids can only get them at the parks even if I know that they will create sticky problems. But the modern and consumer-oriented age doesn't give us this possibility anymore. Everything is within reach anytime, anywhere.

In one of those food shopping moments, I had a good look at it and an idea popped in my mind. Why not use it as the sweetener in hot chocolate? After all, it's just 100% sugar. There, I also found a reason to buy a canister and try it. And there, I also took back what I had been thinking about modernity. If not for these readily available things, I wouldn't be able to make this. I can't imagine driving all the way to a park, queue with other kids to get my cotton candy and take it home, all melted and sticky. Then rush to make these pictures!

The cotton candy in the canister is drier and has finer threads than the ones I grew up buying but the taste was the same. I love the flavor of the classic pink one and never ventured to the other flavors. So just use the classic flavor for this one

Italian hot chocolate is very thick, much thicker than the others I have tried in other countries. I love all kinds of hot chocolate done from scratch. They are one of the easiest drinks to prepare so if you can, stay away from the ready made ones and make your own. Thick, watery, however you want it. Just try to make your own and you will see how easy it is! The taste depends on the quality of chocolate you use. Since it will be the protagonist in this drink, my advise is, buy a good one. 

When I spoke about sweetening the hot chocolate with cotton candy, everyone thought I was kidding. I was not. It's an idea with my kids and other kids in mind. Wouldn't it be fun to put a mountain of cotton candy in your hot chocolate, like pink clouds then they melt with the heat of the chocolate? It is fun and I saw two wide-eyed kids, oohing and aahing in front of me. That's fun Mommy! Isn't it?

I created this recipe for Stepable, a new food site I joined where you see the recipes with easy step-by-step photos to follow. Click on this link to take you to the recipe. Have fun and thanks for dropping by!