Pairing Tenuta Scuotto Oi Ni 2014 with Fish Sarciado

Oi Nì is produced with 100% Fiano grapes that were fermented with indigenous yeasts in Alsatian 25-hectoliter oval barrels with temperature controlled at 7°C. At the end of , he fermentation, it was aged on fine lees for 12 months plus another 6 months of bottle aging. A harmonic wine with intense straw yellow color. This is one of my favorite expressions of Fiano for its complexity of aromas and flavors, the freshness and the long finish it leaves in the palate. There's a burst of exotic fruits and almost dried summer flowers, hazelnut, ethereal, spices, notes of petrol and a hint of smokiness. Harmonious, has a good structure and a good wine to drink with the right food or meditate with.

Oi ni comes from a Neapolitan expression that embodies a loving bond between a parent and a child wherein a child is called Ninno. Naming this wine as Oi Ni was apropos as it epitomizes the bond between the winemaker and the wine during the long process of vinification and aging, a period that requires care, patience and love to make its best characteristics come out. 

Behind this excellent representative of Fiano grapes is Tenuta Scuotto, a wine estate that started it wine production in 2008 in the town of Lapio in Avelino. It was started by Eduardo Scuotto with the desire to excel in the wine production that represents his territory and its traditions. He was later joined by his son Adolfo who bonded with the same youthful energy in making an important name nationally and internationally.

Fish Sarciado is a traditional dish in the Philippines. In some households, it is cooked as a way of reviving leftover full fried fish to make a new one by adding sautèed tomatoes and onions, a bit of water and drops of fish sauce then beaten eggs. As always, it goes with white rice. You can see the recipe by clicking on this link.  Pairing this with wine is quite challenging but checking the cellar, I found the bottle of Tenuta Scuotto Oi Nì 2014 that I had been keeping for the right moment and this was a good dish to pair it with.

Tenuta Scuotto

Via Campomarino 2

83030 Lapio (AV), Italy