A Cena Con Gli Chef: The First Virtual Gastronomic Evening in Rome With The Chefs

Stefano Marzetti of Ristorante Mirabelle in Hotel Splendide Royal, Giuseppe Di Iorio of Ristorante Aroma in Palazzo Manfredi and Massimo Viglietti of Ristorante Taki - Off, three prestigious and decorated chefs in Rome get together to play protagonists in the first virtual gastronomic evening, A Cena Con Gli Chef (Dinner With The Chefs).

In this historical moment when all activities are closed and everyone is asked to stay home and to practice social distancing to fight the dreadful Coronavirus, daily habits have made a complete u-turn. With this impeding current situation wherein the desire keep the kitchens alive and to keep in touch even virtually, Pierpaolo Roselli created a new interactive streaming platform called Dinner at Home. In this platform along with Dimensione Suono Soft, an internet radio online, a new initiative called A Cena Con Gli Chef was launched wherein the three chefs will be conducting interactive cooking lessons that will take place daily at 19:00. It aims to connect the chefs to the Italian homes through live streaming in teaching how to prepare in real time a gourmet 3-course menu. 

Massimo Viglietti
Giuseppe Di Iorio
Stefano Marzetti

How does A Cena Con Gli Chef (Dinner With The Chefs) Work?

The bookings can be done through Dinner at Home by anyone living in any Italian city. Once booked, Ercoli, a historical gastronomic shop in Rome, will pack and deliver to your home the chef box containing all the ingredients of the recipes that can then be carried out with the virtual guidance of the chefs. The products to be used are sourced from well-chosen small and successful producers of food products in Italy.

The first cooking experience will be held on the 10th of May 2020 at 19:00. It will be the inaugural dinner wherein the three chefs will be present in the live streaming for the occasion of Mother's Day. It will be a non-profit solidarity initiative where you will be involved in a unique and exclusive 6-hands virtual cooking show.

In the succeeding days of May, the three chefs will then be available on different days of the week. Sundays and Mondays are with Massimo Viglietti while Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays are with Giuseppe Di Iorio. Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays are with Stefano Marzetti. #quandolacucinaunisce #acenaconglichef

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