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25 October 2014

Filipino Fish Sarciado

Sometimes, while speaking with my sister in an overseas call, we speak about food. Well, the truth is, I always ask her what she's cooking just to torture myself from thinking about the food that I have been missing from my days in the Philippines. In spite of being favorites, there are some dishes that I have already completely forgotten about. Maybe because I don't have anyone to share them with anymore or the ingredients are hard to find in Italy. But there are some dishes that I refuse to forget that easily. After all, they were a part of my life before. Let me start with this awesome fish dish, a traditional Philippine dish recipe born from leftover fried fish.

I love this dish and I don't know why because I find the combination of just-cooked eggs with some fish sauce slightly off but believe me, they blend well together with the onions and tomatoes. The ingredients are basic, it's simply cooked and did I already say that it tastes great? Like most Philippine dishes or Asian for that matter, this Fish Sarciado [pronounced sar-sha-do] goes perfectly well with steamed white rice. Rice in Asia is like the bread or potato dish in Western countries.

You can use any kind of fish you like, the most common being whole tilapia. In Italy, tilapia can only be bought frozen in some Asian markets and since I prefer freshly-caught whole fish, I use orata or gilt-head bream. 

I shared this Filipino Fish Sarciado recipe in She Knows so if you are interested in this dish, grab the recipe there and I hope you will love it as much as I love it. Buon appetito!

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