Recommended Takeaways in the Outskirts of Rome: Seafood, Sushi, Pizza, Pastries & Gelato

When the sudden national lockdown was enforced last March Italy, the restaurants and bars had no choice but to halt business activities and close their doors. Everyone had to adjust to the stringent rules imposed making it imperative for everyone to stay indoors and close doors to the world outside. Food shopping, once pleasurable, became a chore fraught with fear and extreme caution: masks and gloves on, sanitizers on hands and distance from everyone else. Having led dynamic lives, the sudden obligatory isolation at home meant only one thing: taking the cobwebs away from our kitchens and putting our rusty cooking skills at work again. Daily habits changed, we adapted and cooking actually became a sociable virtual activity. While some rediscovered the enjoyment of taking over their kitchens again, a number grew weary of daily cooking.

So when the government eased the lockdown, one of the notable changes was allowing the restaurants to partially open for home delivery and takeaway within the area. It was a welcome option on our kitchen tables.

Here are some food establishments that I have relied on for delivery and takeaway in the coastal town of Fiumicino with additional places in Infernetto, Fregene and Rome. With the new decree of 18 May allowing all restaurants and bars to open, these restaurants have now recommenced with their usual activities with restrictive rules of distancing of the tables, wearing of masks and other safety measures. They can now be accommodate clients in the restaurants while still retaining the delivery and takeaway services. To be updated with the current situation, call the restaurants ahead for booking or ordering. The current menus can be found in their Facebook pages.

Osteria dell'Orologio
Address: Via della Torre Clementina, 114, Fiumicino | Tel: +39 06 6505251
+39 347 5179051 | Email: | Website: | Facebook:

A seafood restaurant located at the main road of the town fronting the canal that leads to the sea. Osteria dell'Orologio is owned by Chef Patron Marco Claroni along with wife Gerarda Fine who oversees the wines and dining area. A big lover of cooking and giving particular attention to the quality of his materials, Marco presents a kitchen rich with original proposals like his cured and dried seafood, fresh raw seafood, cooked appetizers, pasta and main courses that are distinguishably his. While he has these innovative entries, he keeps the traditional flavors present in his menu as well. Both ways, Marco's kitchen is one of the most sought after in Fiumicino. The takeaway menu they put together has very interesting entries from their dining menu as well as the raw seafood tasting menu. If you are a lover of raw seafood, do not miss out on this for the quality and quantity. 

Host Restaurant
Address: Viale Aldo Moro, 31, Fiumicino | Tel: +39 06 92597477| Email: | Website:| Facebook:

Husband and wife team, Chef Patron Alessandro Capponi and Francesca Mangia opened their restaurant in 2017 in the new area of Fiumicino. Big passion for cooking using high quality ingredients for his seafood dishes, Alessandro creates very interesting dishes that exalt the palate whereas the wines that Francesca chooses for their wine menu are well-thought of that covers the regions of Italy and some old world wine countries. This is another restaurant in Fiumicino that's making a name. From their first delivery menu they designed for Easter lunch of traditional dishes (in the pictures), the menu has now evolved to dishes which mark their established creative kitchen. The restaurant is now open for dine-in apart from takeaway and delivery. 

Il Pesciolino Innamorato
Address: Via G. Battista Grassi, 17, Fiumicino | Tel: +39 3277933985| Facebook:

Originally opened as an antipasteria (appetizer restaurant) in Fiumicino by Chef Diego Gioia wherein you can order a succession of appetizer dishes instead of the regular Italian courses. After a few years, the menu widened to more courses of pasta, risotto and main, which are mostly seafood. The dishes are quite creative but rooted to familiar Italian flavors. Il Pesciolino Innamorato is a very pleasant intimate restaurant in a back road, parallel to Via Torre Clementina. Active for lunch and dinner delivery.

Pizzeria Marina
Address: Via della Torre Clementina, 194D, Fiumicino | Tel: +39 3498403895| Website:

The pizza al taglio (pizza by weight) of pizzamaker Roberto Cacchione, who claimed the title 2003 World Champion Pizza Chef and a number of other awards in national pizza al taglio competitions, retains the highly digestible formula he and his family had been using for the past thirty plus years. His pizzas are very popular in town (and also out of town) because they have excellent digestibilty and the combinations he uses are simply delicious. He has a serious commitment to the very good quality of the ingredients he uses for his pizzas like the flour that is tailor-made for his needs and extra virgin olive oil straight from a trusted small producer in Puglia. Pizzeria Marina is quite small and simple with only outdoor seating available all-year round. Takeaway has always been available but for faster service, it's better to call ahead to order plus during this period, he also added the option of delivery. 

Address: Via Torcegno, 39, Rome | Tel: +39 338 1737246| Website: | Facebook:

Micaela Giambanco's incredible passion for Japanese cuisine and culture makes her standout in the sushi counter. She went to World Sushi Skills Institute in Japan to enhance her sushi-making skills and got awarded for it. Her cozy restaurant or izakaya, an informal Japanses eating place, in Infernetto, a suburb of Rome, gets filled up easily with genuine Japanese food lovers. While Micaela prepares the sushi, her husband Paolo Campesi stays in the inner kitchen cooking the dishes. For this period, they are restricted to just three tables in the restaurant serving dinner and takeaway service from Thursday to Sunday evenings. Book ahead.

La Dolceria Fregene
Address: Viale della Pineta, 52C, Fregene | Tel: +39 3403881522| Facebook:

Pastries, cakes, biscuits, tarts, croissants and all sweet things baked, that's what La Dolceria is all about. Giulia Grossi is the pastry chef and proprietor in front of the oven, who prior to opening the bakeshop, has gained her education at a culinary school in Milan and formative years in a number of restaurants there and finally, as a chef de partie at the Hotel Hermitage. La Dolceria is next door to one of Fregene's excellent innovative restaurants, Hand Made, who is also owned by Giulia and partner Chef Davide Boggian.

Le Levain
Address: Via Luigi Santini, 22-23, Rome | Tel: +39 0647543834| Email: | Website: | Facebook:

Taking the boulangerie or French bakery to Rome, Le Levain has a display of eye-catching and mouthwatering freshly-baked bread, pastries, cakes and sandwiches created by Pastry Chef Giuseppe Solfrizzi to choose from. Every finished product is realized with excellent natural unprocessed ingredients without the use of additives and preservatives. They have recently launched their online shop where you can order digitally for delivery in Rome. Another interesting addition to their service is the Picnic Box (to be ordered by calling or writing), a picnic box for two that contains salty and sweet options including drinks. It can also be delivered straight to the park of your choice.

Claudio Torcè
Address: Viale dell'Aeronautica, 105, Rome | Tel: +39 0697882939| Email: | Website:| Facebook:

Claudio Torcè, on of the best gelato makers in the capital, presents his 100 flavors using solely high quality ingredients from around the globe for the genuine flavors and aromas they bestow to the gelato. To make his products healthier, he refrained from using white sugar and replaced it with fructose. As for milk and cream, he only uses the highly-digestible kind. Aside from the gelateria in viale dell'Aeronautica, there are other two shops at vial Marconi and viale Aventino. For pickup, call ahead to order.