Traditional Seafood Cuisine at Ristorante Porto Innocenziano in Anzio, Italy

Located at the beginning of Via Porto Innocenziano along the waterfront, this restaurant, carrying the same name as the road, offers appetizing seafood dishes of optimum quality. Being one of the most reputable fishing ports along the Tyrrhenian Coast, Anzio is one of the best sources of premium seafood that serves the surrounding area especially Rome.

Ristorante Porto Innocenziano emanates a fresh and casual ambience with its all-white with blue-accent motif as the sea breeze circulates the dining room. The menu amplifies the classic flavors of the Italian cuisine with some hints of creativity in merging the ingredients together. Local fish and raw materials are at use in the kitchen and with the proposals of simple raw dishes, you can confirm the excellence and authenticity of the quality of the ingredients.

Prevalently traditional, the menu proposals for appetizers are between €8 to €13. There are also interesting choices for tasting menus of cooked appetizers at €18 for 10 small tasting dishes, raw appetizers at €20 for 10 small tasting dishes, and €30 for a combined tasting menu of cooked and raw appetizers. This is one of the best ways to enjoy the notability of the kitchen. The first plates of pasta and risotto are between €12 to €14, main courses between €15 to €40, the latter being lobster options of Catalan-Style Lobster and Lobster with Rum. The platter of Mixed Grilled Seafood at €18 is excellent. Desserts are between €3 to €8. The wine menu has a modest number of entries to pair with the cuisine.

Ristorante Porto Innocenziano

Via Porto Innocenziano, 15A

00042 Anzio (RM), Italy

Tel: +39 339 2382473



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