Va.Do al Pigneto in Rome, Italy

Over the years, with the refreshed identity of Pigneto from being circumvented to a frequented home of some of Rome's hippest restaurants and bars, the eclectic selection of places to go to has increased in number. A walk in the neighborhood takes you to different portrayals of food and drink - the Pigneto way.

One of the restaurants that has claimed a frequented niche in the neighborhood is Va.Do al Pigneto. Its chic ambience with the variegated vintage styles of 1930s Neapolitan chairs, Provencal mirrors, artisan wood, glass and steel tables, brick walls, and restored antique objects display a wealth personalities in the dining area.

The heterogeneous furnishings give a peek at what you can expect from the kitchen. A mixture of styles - traditional and innovative cross paths in the creativity of the chefs. In the kitchen are Executive Chef Giorgio Baldari, who functions as the supervisor and consultant while Sous Chefs Martina Prospero and Ruben Hassan execute the dishes. Giorgio Baldari worked with Antonello Colonna at the Certosa di San Giacomo in the island of Capri from the age of 21. He then continued his career in the kitchen with Chefs Gianfranco Vissani and Angelo Paracucchi. He not only enriched his baggage of gastronomic influences in kitchens of Michelin-starred chefs but also in other countries like the U.S., Monaco and Spain.

Opened in May of 2016 by proprietors Valentina and Guido (where the name of the restaurant was derived from), Va.Do al Pigneto, continues to inspire the palates of its clients with the interesting combination of flavors, wherein menus change according to season, following the availability of the fresh ingredients.

The prices are reasonable at €7 to €14 for the appetizers, €9 to €14 for the first plates of pasta and risotto, the main courses of meat and fish between €12 to €26 and the desserts between €5 to €6. 

In the menu, don't miss the Crudo e Croccante, €12 (Raw and Crunchy), an interesting mix of crispy vegetable strings cooked until crispy then topped with a selection of raw fish in soy sauce, extra virgin olive oil and ginger. Inspired by the classic flavors of Cacio e Pepe, the ravioli of Cacio e Ovo is another dish to check out. For the classic pasta lovers, there is a selection of Amatriciana, Cacio e Pepe, Carbonara, Gricia, Tomatoes with Basil, and Aglio Olio e Peperoncino (Garlic, Oil & Chili) at €12 each.

Va.Do al Pigneto

Via Braccio da Montone, 56

00176 Rome, Italy

Tel: +39 06 45553582


Open from 18:00 onwards daily except Sundays