The Cheerful Green at the Land of Prosecco: Ristorante Verdegaio in Treviso, Italy

Cheerful green, a delightful color that nature has bestowed the hills of Susegana, just a few steps from Conegliano in Treviso. This ebullient color portrays the picturesque landscape of Prosecco with the neatly combed rows of vineyards of Glera. In the midst of this stunning scenery is Ristorante Verdegaio which is aptly named for the vibrant color that surrounds it.

The restaurant is housed in a villa that overlooks the hills of Susagana that on a warm day can be best enjoyed at the veranda with spacious a spacious green lawn in front of it before the rows of vineyards start. It is quite spectacular to dine with a view of the hills with the neatly combed vineyards.  Inside the villa, the ambience is warm and nostalgic in the four richly decorated rooms with wood ceiling beams as the main dining room is warmed up by a fireplace. 

But Ristorante Verdegaio is not just about the panorama that it provides. The service is very attentive and cordial which makes you feel comfortable as soon as you arrive. The ample wine of over a hundred labels come from different regions and highlights the ones of the area.

The cuisine is based on tradition while the seasonality of the ingredients and home style flavors are underlined. These qualities are beautifully captured by their chef, Igor Sari. His creations are creative with aesthetic presentation, most importantly they render exquisite and harmonious flavors. The proposals in the menu are mainly based on meat but you can also find entries of fish and vegetables. Average meal per person is about €50. The appetizers are around €13, first plates of pasta and risotto around €16, main courses at around €23 and desserts at around €6. Starting with the appetizers until the desserts, the flavors are balanced and fresh. Do try the vanilla gelato with figs if it's available.

For more accurate prices and information, please refer to their website and Facebook page.

Ristorante Verdegaio

Via Barriera, 20
31058 Susegana (Treviso), Italy
Tel: +39 0438 450457
Closed on Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday evenings