So Wine So Food Magazine Starts a New Journey to Luxury

Before the year 2018 ended, So Wine So Food Magazine organized a gala where they unveiled their new image for the coming year amidst Italy's icons of luxury and prestige of Ferraris and Maseratis. It took place in Sa.Mo.Car, a car showroom in Rome of two of the world's best car brands. Highlighted in the event are four renowned chefs in Italy and the dishes that they prepared specially for the night's dinner accompanied by the wines of Champagne A. Bergère and Castelli Romani Food & Wine, water of Acqua Filette and coffee of Momento Espresso.

Czesar Predescu of Perpetual Restaurant prepared the Carpaccio of Pastrami with Textures of Parmigiano Reggiano, Dried Fruit and Demi-Glace while Marcello Trentini of Magorabin (1 Michelin Star) prepared one of his signature dishes, the Beef Tongue with Shrimp and Mandarin. Risotto with Foie Gras Creamed with Hazelnut Butter and White Truffles was prepared by Eros Bruno of Ristorante 1978 while brothers Maurizio and Sandro Servi of La Trota (2 Michelin Stars) concluded the evening with their Lavender Gelato with Chestnuts and Coffee on Creamy Persimmon.

The year 2019 holds an encouraging enogastronomic voyage for So Wine So Food which was born 3 years ago from the idea of publisher Stefano Cocco where passion for high cuisine and the aim of spreading the good Italian cuisine are two factors that embody the magazine. 

So Wine So Food

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