Terra Roma: Eataly’s Wood Burning Grill Restaurant

After a double success with the American public in Boston and Los Angeles, Terra finally lands in  Italy, the country where it was born. The first chosen city is Eataly in Rome, the branch in the country (and in the world) that has the most square-meter space. Terra is a restaurant that highlights the true heart of its philosophy by grilling raw materials of superior quality. A 3-meter long grill was specially by an artisan's hands in Spain where it continuously spews fiery red fire. With particular attention to the superior aspect of the food, the oven is fueled only by virgin oak wood from the Italian Calabria region for the unique aromas that they give.

The primary format of Terra pivots around the principal elements of fire, earth and nature. The restaurant on the second floor covers a space with an abundance of green and wood. The backdrop gives the impression of naturalness and suggests the direct relationship between the consumer and the product - its origin and the processing. The kitchen is straightforward and simple that attains the real essence of Terra. There are no unnecessary frills because you can only experience the direct flavors and aromas exuding from the raw form to the result after being cooked in the grill.

There is particular attention to the raw ingredients which is the basis of the kitchen of Terra and the whole network of Eataly as well. The sources of the fish, meat, vegetables and bread are selected with extreme care. The fish, taken from the Mediterranean Sea, are sourced from the fishermen's cooperatives in Anzio and Civitavecchia, while the meat comes from La Granda, an association of cattle breeders from the Consorzio di Tutela della Razza Bovina Piemontese (Consortium for the Protection of Piedmont Bovine Breed). Vegetables are as fresh as they can be as they are sourced from the nearby from the organic vegetable garden of the Agricolonna producers. The bread on the other hand is the biological Otto Tondo made with stone-ground type 2 Buratto flour, and Guarande salt, lievito madre (sourdough starter), slow leavening and baked in wooden ovens.

According to Enrico Panero, Executive Chef of Eataly, "Grilling is a very intriguing challenge: it brings out the goodness of the product and the skill of the chef. Another strategic aspect is the freshness of raw materials that is guaranteed by the short supply chain from the counter, the fishmonger or the butchery, to the table. An innovative format for experimenting with natural, healthy cooking with seasonal and local products."

The proposals of Terra are varied. Just next to the restaurant is the fish market where the clients are asked to choose which fish they want to be grilled. There is also the possibility to start the meal with raw seafood mixed with a selection of natural and fresh marinades. Pasta entries are available to complete the courses. To conclude the meal, an ice cream cart is available to serve freshly-made sorbetto and gelato of master gelato maker Eugenio Morrone with different kinds of toppings.

One of the best things about Terra is the vast selection of wines with an availability of about 300 labels from Lazio, the different Italian regions and France. The wine list are divided into diverse categories: Pop Wines which means accessible for all budgets, Heroic Wines which come from higher and precious territories, Volcanic Wines which are cultivated from geographic areas with unique mineral-rich volcanic soil, and Che Buoni Quegli Anni, wherein the very good vintages are focalized rather than the producers.

The prices of the menu proposals of Terra are very reasonable like the bruschette with seasonal toppings for an average of €6, variations of seafood salad at around €7, pasta dishes between €12 to €14, vegetable dishes between €4 to €6, burgers of 220 grams at €12.80, other kinds of meat and cuts between €13 to €17 while the seafood varies between €16 to €18 or depending on the weight of the fish chosen at the fish market.


Tel: +39 349 9357311 (for bookings)

Email: terra@eataly.it

  Open daily for lunch and dinner