One-Pot Thai Shrimp Spicy Noodle Soup

It's been gray, wet and cold since the day after New Year. Once or twice the sun showed itself but for just a mere fraction of time. Like everyone, the weather affects my moods. I can't help feeling low after looking out the window and gaze at the somber sky. How I look forward for that beautiful blue sky to come out again and feel its heat when I walk outside. Knock on my window when it's time to draw the curtains again and enjoy the view. For the meantime, I am hibernating indoors in the warmth of the house with my two antsy kids and dog waiting for the sun to shine again.

When the weather doesn't permit so much enthusiasm in going about things, soups become a highlight of my cooking. They give comfort and warmth from the imaginary embrace that you get. My choice of soup this time is something Asian for some familiarity in flavors that I have been yearning for. In the Philippines, the wet and gray season can drag on for weeks and I always find comfort in staying indoors with a nice bowl of warm soup. Adding a little bit of spice in my soup makes it even warmer and since I am not into elaborate cooking, I have this simple noodle soup that I like preparing sometimes. It has that hint of spice, sourness with vegetables, shrimp and noodles filling you up. In a single pot and less than half an hour, you can eat your soup in a nice warm corner in the kitchen. 

When you are ready to prepare this One-Pot Thai Shrimp Spicy Noodle Soup, get the recipe at She Knows, a site where I create recipes. For more of my recipes there, you can also check out my Profile Page. Enjoy and I am hoping that your sky is blue.

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