Asparagus Fries

When you are looking for the crunch of french fries but you don't want to deal with the load of unwanted calories, worry not because I have the perfect solution for that craving. Do you like asparagus? If you do, then we are on the right track. These asparagus fries are incredibly addictive just like their potato cousin but the good news is that you can have as much as you want (without looking at the price tag so much) and stay healthy. I am not kidding, there are healthy fries after all.

Asparagus are cruciferous stalks that are packed with nutrients especially a whopping amount of vitamin K then followed by folate, copper and a whole network of vitamins and minerals that are very good for our health. 

These asparagus fries are baked which wins over the deep-fried french fries anytime. They are coated with flour, egg and wholewheat breadcrumbs then baked until crisp. While still hot, sprinkle them with grated Parmigiano Reggiano or Parmesan cheese and I promise you, it will be one delicious experience! Dip them in ketchup or mayo and enjoy. Buon appetito!

You can get this Asparagus Fries recipe at Skinny Ms., a site where I create recipes. It is all about a healthy style of living. For more of my recipes there, you can click on my Profile Page there. I hope you enjoy this one! 

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