Baked Garlic Tofu with Tomatoes

Mediterranean, that's what got me going in this amazing tofu recipe. When going meatless on Mondays at She Knows, it is always a pleasure to be able to put together something for vegetarians and vegans.Vegetarian dishes are always healthy and fat-free (or low-fat) that make our bodies grateful for the natural nutrients that we get from the vegetables. Tofu is low in calories and high in protein making it a very important part of a vegetarian and vegan's diet in replacing meat.

I am not vegetarian but I do try to cook less meat at home as much as possible. Vegetables are not my kids' best friends on the table like I guess all the other kids their age and like any other parent, I devise all the possible ways to lure them to eating their greens. They are big fruit eaters (whew!) and seafood lovers (another whew there!). My older child has already adopted the good habit of eating salads and a selected variety of vegetables and with this dish having his favorite Mediterranean-inspired flavors, he gets a forkful or two. It may not be a full dish but starting with little portions can go a long way.

With the adults, this Baked Garlic Tofu with Tomatoes is a winner. With the balsamic vinegar (get a good quality commercial one) as its main ingredient with the help of dried oregano, capers, lemon zest and of course, garlic, the flavors absorbed by the tofu are incredible. Baked in parchment, en papillote if you want it to sound French or al cartoccio if you want it in Italian, this Baked Garlic Tofu with Tomatoes is so easy to prepare. Just put all the ingredients in the parchment paper, tie it then bake for half an hour. The house will smell so good that by the time you open that oven door, you will be so hungry!

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