3 Nutella Cocktails

After enjoying Nutella liqueur (Nutellino) on the rocks and in shot glasses, you won't settle on getting limited to them. There is a whole world of other cocktails that you can easily create with your bottle of Homemade Nutella Liqueur (Nutellino) chilling in the refrigerator. By using what you probably already have in your cupboards, you can make different kinds of luscious Nutella cocktails without taking as much effort and time. With Irish whiskey, you can create that pleasant oak flavor, a little bit of Amaretto liqueur creates a lovely almond hint plus some espresso, Oreo cookies, marshmallows, cinnamon and yes, whipped cream to top them with. Get ready for a blast with Nutella cocktails!

Spiked Warm Nutella Mug

During the cold days, it's great to cozy up with a cup of amazingly delicious warm Nutella mug mixed with some Amaretto liqueur. It's a lovely mild alcoholic adventure of flavors of hazelnut and almond mixed together. Top with a good coating of crumbly Oreos and cinnamon and some roasted marshmallows for more incredible taste. It's like being a kid again.

Nutella Mochaccino Cocktail

Coffee, milk and chocolate - one of the best and most popular combination of flavors in one drink. You can remake your favorite mochaccino but this time, spiked with Nutella liqueur. It makes things more fun with a little bit of alcohol mixed in. Imagine the chocolate and coffee with the hazelnut liqueur. Imagine how good each slurp is with that straw.

Irish Nutella Cream

When I started drinking coffee and cocktails, my obvious choice was Irish coffee. My Dad was a whiskey drinker so I would have a steady flow of good whiskey to splash on my coffee. I loved it mild so I would mix in just a small part of whiskey to the coffee and sugar. For that, this Irish Nutella Cream is on the mild side. With just a tablespoon of good whiskey mixed in, you get to enjoy the taste of oak with the Nutella. 

You can find the recipes of all three Nutella Cocktails at She Knows, a site where I create recipes. For more of my recipes, you can get them at my Profile Page there. Enjoy!

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