Fresh Bruschetta Salad

It's officially 2016, exactly 4 days after the eve we all celebrated with an unimaginable amount of food and sparkling wines. And I am thinking that it is not only that because prior to Christmas, we have all been eating much more than we should have. Right? I know that I am guilty of overeating the past days and one of my resolutions was that as soon as I wake up on the first day of 2016, I would make that weighing scale lose a few kilos.

Tomatoes are the perfect vegetables to pull out from the vegetable crisper and prepare a simple salad. Like any Italian combination of flavors, fresh basil, extra virgin olive oil and salt fit perfectly together. It is very simple, extremely healthy and so easy to prepare too. To add a more interesting twist of flavors and if you have some sourdough bread left from the day before, add them to the salad with some garlic. A bit of carbs are great too. These are exactly the ingredients of a bruschetta al pomodoro or tomato bruschetta, one of the most popular and most-loved appetizers on every Italian table. So if you want a deconstructed bruschetta al pomodoro and turn it into flavorful salad, go for it.

I made this Fresh Bruschetta Salad recipe for Thanksgiving, a site for dedicated to all things about Thanksgiving.  Buon appetito!

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