French Fries alla Carbonara (Pecorino and Pancetta French Fries)

When I thought of making these fries, I was amused at the idea. At the same time, I was also excited to try making them. I was quite sure that they will come out very tasty because of the Pecorino and crunchy pancetta. They really tasted great! Baked or fried? I would always choose baked over fried so off they went to the oven until they reached the perfect crunch that I was looking for. I will make these over and over again if I can if only pancetta (or bacon) is healthier. But for the meantime, make a batch and tell me what you think.

Being a food photographer, it is not always easy to think of my subjects as just objects to photograph because some of them have the aroma that can entice anyone within 10 meters. As soon as these fries came out of the oven, I embarked in photographing them and since they were hot, the smell was making me hungry. I had to do things fast forward and eat them while they were still warm and still exploding with flavors. I love these fries!

I created these fun and easy fries for She Knows, a site where I regularly create recipes so you can get the French Fries alla Carbonara (Pecorino and Pancetta French Fries) recipe there. Check out my Profile Page there too and see the other recipes I created and travel articles I wrote for them. Have a good week ahead!

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