Chocolate Salami

When we take the food from our childhood to adulthood, it has a special attachment to us that brings back beautiful memories with every bite we make. Then if that food goes through another generation who are our kids, it becomes much more special. This chocolate salami was my husband's favorite when he was young. It came from his grandmother to his mother, and now to our kids.

The original Chocolate Salami recipe (or Salame Inglese as it is called in Italian) came from his mother who used to make it when she and her sisters were also young. The recipe was taught to her by her mother. When my husband asked me to learn how to make it, my mother-in-law and her sister came to our house armed with her 60-year old handwritten recipe then she taught me how to make it. My own daughter loves it so we are starting the love for this chocolate salami dessert on the 4th-generation of the family. 

From the original one that I learned from her, I made some changes to give a bit of diversity to this delicious dessert. I added some crushed pistachios and dried cranberries to give more flavor. I love adding rum but since the kids are also eating, I make two versions. One with and one without. If you're over 18, I suggest the one with the rum because it completes the taste. 

I made this version of Chocolate Salami recipe for She Knows, a site where I regularly create recipes. If you want to see the other recipes (plus some travel articles) I made for them, look me up in the Profile Page. Thanks and have a wonderful Sunday! 

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