Baked Polenta-Crusted Chicken Thighs

The kids are becoming harder and harder to please lately with their food. There's a redundancy of dishes that I myself cannot stand. They do eat fish (but only two kinds), always cooked the same way, pasta dishes that I can count with my fingers, veal and well, chicken. I eat chicken but not as much as my kids who prefer it the most among its other meat counterparts.
I've already cooked chicken in quite a number of different ways. If ever I cook fried chicken, hands down, it will be the favorite but I avoid it. I think I only cooked fried chicken once and they loved it so much. But fried food is something that I cannot always give to them so I try other ways to copy the taste without making their food too heavy. I bake the chicken! 

Here is one of those ways I came up with that both kids eat well. The polenta gives a crunchy crust as it bakes in the oven while the meat's humidity is trapped inside. I love this recipe. It's tasty, crunchy and good!

I created this Baked Polenta-Crusted Chicken Thighs recipe for She Knows, a site where I frequently develop recipes. You can see my Profile Page and see the other recipes I have created for them. Buon appetito!

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