Vanilla Panna Cotta With Cherry and Brandy Sauce

Cherries and brandy work perfectly together. It reminds me of a brandy cocktail that I used to have that was served with a couple of cherries. When I have a lot of Vignola black cherries surrounding me in my kitchen, all I can think of is to cook them to make some dessert. That's a little lie. All I can think of is pop them in my mouth until my tummy won't be able to take it anymore.

Black cherries from Vignola, Italy are the sweetest and one of the best varieties I have ever tried so whenever I encounter them, I buy a lot, for eating them fresh with my whole family and hoping, to cook the rest. But I always underestimate how much my kids eat them. They are serious consumers of Vignola black cherries and the quantity is always impressive!

After a few attempts during the peak of the cherry season, I was able to put aside some exclusively for cooking. I have always wanted to cook them with brandy, just like how I loved that old brandy cocktail. It was really a remarkable combination, a definite keeper! To complement it, I decided on using it as a topping for panna cotta (cooked cream), a typical Italian dessert that's simple to prepare and always dependably delicious. The added vanilla to the panna cotta gave it a nice flavor. Together, the panna cotta and the cherry and brandy sauce created an impressive dessert. 

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Thanks and enjoy the rest of your weekend!