Tapioca Pudding With Coconut & Raw Cane Sugar Syrup

You know you found THE dessert when you pop it in your mouth and your eyes grow wide open. Wow! That was delicious! The succeeding spoonfuls were even merrier. This is one of my most loved desserts. Ever. This proves that going minimal can create something absolutely great because believe it or not, it only uses four ingredients.

Most Asian countries have their own versions of tapioca desserts with coconut milk and sweetened with raw cane sugar. I made one of my favorite tapioca desserts that is typical in the Philippines in this old post called Tapioca with Rum Caramel Sauce & Almond Jelly (Guinomis). Being both Asian desserts and using similar ingredients, guinomis and this tapioca pudding have similarity in tastes but still have their unique characteristics.

This tapioca pudding is based on a tapioca dessert that I enjoyed so much in a hotel in Malaysia. Years have passed and I never forgot that incredibly delicious dessert until I encountered it again at the internet and I decided to make my own unforgettable version. My husband still hasn't forgotten and he still reminds me that I have to make it again. If you make it, it might become someone else's unforgettable tapioca dessert too.

Access the recipe at She Knows where you can see me frequently with my recipes. Here's the link to this tapioca dessert. For my profile page there to see more of my recipes, please click on this other link. Thank you and enjoy your weekend!