Thin Bread Rolls With Salmon & Rucola

I recently bought a pack of Swedish thin bread and I thought of making these super easy sandwich rolls. It's one of my favorite healthy sandwiches to prepare when I am pressed for time or too tired to whip up something that requires more than 10 minutes of my time in the kitchen.

The kids and my husband eat them but slight alterations as to how they want to eat their versions. My husband and I love them with some mustard and dill sauce (can be bought in Swedish shops too) while the kids like them plain with just the smoked salmon inside and absolutely no trace of rucola or any smear of the sauce. Thank God the kids eat salmon at least! But from adult to adult, don't omit the mustard and dill sauce. It gives a rounder taste to the sandwiches. It give them 100 points more!

When you happen to have a pack of thin and soft flat bread, prepare this super quick and easy sandwich rolls for those days when you feel like you ought to be faster than Superman. I do have a lot of those days and I am always on the lookout for quick healthy meals to feed myself and my family. 

Buon appetito!

Thin Bread Rolls With Salmon & Rucola

Yields 4 big rolls or 16 bite-sized ones
  • 4 slices of soft thin Swedish bread
  • a handful of rucola or rocket
  • 200 grams smoked salmon
  • mustard & dill sauce
  • 16 chives
  1. Lay the bread flat on a plate.  
  2. Distribute the rucola.
  3. Put the salmon on top.  
  4. Spread some mustard & dill sauce.  Roll.  
  5. Tie each roll with 3 - 4 chives (or you can also secure with toothpicks) then slice them with each chive in the middle of the smaller roll.