Fun Kiddle Meals 4

My quest in serving fun food continues.   My 5-year old eats practically everything on his plate and on some occasions, even asks for refills.  Meal times become relishing as he savors the edible "toys" on his plate.   It's a preoccupation for him if he will prioritize eating the wheels of his train or the carriage.  As he goes on with his little game, he actually forgets that he's eating more than his usual quantity.  
Fresh & dried apples, fresh pears & thin bread with Nutella rolls.
Fish steak cooked with soy sauce, lemon & onions served with bread.

Still the same fish steak with white rice shaped like cars.

Grilled hotdogs with white pizza.
Bread drizzled with lemon & sprinkled with sugar.
Fish bugers
Thin bread rolls with salmon cream & oven-baked vegetable crisps.