Fun Kiddle Meals 5

I recently discovered two blogs of moms who prep up their kids' meals just like I do, namely Cute Food For Kids and Crafty Moods.  Unanimously, we try to win our kids' appetites by arming ourselves with cookie cutters, edible knick knacks & a lot of creativity.  

Octopus-shaped boiled wurstels (hotdogs).  Inspired by the octopodes of Cute Food For Kids & Crafty Moods.
In my last foraging in the baking supplies of a big supermarket, I was able to find some colored gels for writing on food, food coloring & other kiddie food decors.   For the initiation of my most recent acquisitions, I used the colored gels on my son's plate of salmon & thin bread.  Nothing special, just some doodles, but I was excited like a kid when I finally concluded his plate with some color for the first time and called him to the kitchen table.  

Boiled flower wurtsels (hotdogs).
He looked at his plate sceptically and asked what the colored things were.  After explaining to him what they were, he said he doesn't want his food touching them.  I looked at him in disbelief!  All kids love these sweet colored gels!  I think the point was that the colors looked so artificial.  I remember a couple of kids of our friends some years back.  They were not touching the little cakes that were a tad too pink.  They told the parents that they were not eating them because they were too pink.  

Swedish thin bread & smoked salmon.
One thing I noticed about Italian children is that they are not attracted to the usual colorful food that are aimed at them.  The effect, on the other hand, is the opposite.  In all the children's parties I have attended, I never encountered any colorful food. They are all in their natural colors.  So I guess I should toss the idea of food colors. 
Robot - spinach roll with ricotta & pistachios and spinach parmesan balls with pear & almonds.