The Sicilian Oranges of Azienda Agricola Santi Rindone in Rome, Italy

After a visit to the capital a couple of years ago and trying out the spremuta or freshly-squeezed orange juice in a bar, Giacomo Rindone was dismayed at the quality of the oranges used. Being accustomed to oranges with superior standard, he decided to take his oranges to Rome himself. He bought a van, gave it a brand, acquired an itinerant vendor license, loaded the van and parted for the capital. Now on his second year in Rome, the demand for his oranges picked up in volumes. The van was not enough so he needed to get a stall at the Mercato Irnerio in Via Aurelia.

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Giacomo's story is one of the stories that I love hearing about people who are passionate about the quality of food that end up on our tables. He and his brother Stefano believe in the philosophy of selling untreated fruits which means that the oranges have to be harvested and shipped within the day (for the home delivery orders) because the oranges that are harvested days in advance before selling are waxed with preservatives that are harmful to our health to prolong their lives in the stalls.

The company was started in the 1980s by Giacomo's father, Santi. Leaving his profession, he decided to undertake a production of citrus fruits in Sicily basing his knowledge from his degree in Agriculture. After continued success, currently, the company's fruits are present in France, Belgium, Switzerland and some major Italian markets. 

Some bars, restaurants and shops in Rome that use Santi Rindone's oranges are:
Trattoria Da Neno, Cus Cus, Ciampini, Ginger, Gusto al 28, Antonini, Mò Mò Republic, Giolitti, Ciampini, Vitti,  Caffè del Portico, Palestra Virgin, Bar Ponte Milvio e Piccola Bottega Merenda e Incontri in Cucina..

They produce three varieties of untreated oranges which are Tarocchi, Newhall, and Sanguinello Fragolino. The latter is an orange variety that has almost been extinct in Sicily but with the company's remaining two 130-year old trees, they were able to help revive the variety. The Sanguinello Fragolino has a pink salmon coloring and smells like strawberries. They start harvesting them in February.

Giacomo has the strong desire to raise awareness and educate the people about the quality of the citrus fruits and along with it, his work is doubled for taking the steps in making sure the fruits that we get are untreated. Having two growing kids of my own, I share the same determination for my kids. Spremuta or freshly-squeezed orange juice is a very important part of our mornings in winter and luckily, the kids love it too. They get their dose of natural Vitamin C from the oranges that I squeeze and as a mom, I can't explain how much happiness I feel when I see them downing their fresh orange juice. 

Azienda Agricole Santi Rindone

Mercato Irnerio (Box 34)
Via Aurelia 485, Rome
Opening hours (Orari di apertura)
Mondays to Saturdays (Lunedi - Sabato), 8:30 to 13:00
Sundays, 10:30 to 14:00 the van stays at Testaccio / Largo Giovanni Battista Marzi 
(Domenica, 10:30 - 14:00, il furgone si trova a Testaccio / Largo Giovanni Battista Mazi) 

Home Delivery (Consegna a Domicilio):
Call Mondays to Fridays (Chiama Lunedi - Venerdi), 9:00 to 19:00
Tel: 331 4838300
Cost of delivery (Costo della consegna):  €8
If purchase exceeds €60, cost of delivery is free. (Se l'acquisto è superiore di €60, il costo della spedizione è gratuita.)