Il Maritozzo Rosso in Rome, Italy

As any Roman would say, you can't possibly not love the maritozzo! Maritozzo is a cream-filled sweet bread bun that's typical in Rome. It's an icon of the Roman gastronomy and if it has been around for centuries, then it will remain in the city for centuries and centuries more. But Edoardo Fraioli has other ideas. Perchè limitarsi a mangiarlo solo dolce? (Why limit yourself in eating it just sweet?) In starting something a bit different without taking away the concept of the traditional sweet bread, he grabbed the salt instead and ditched the sugar and cream.

Il Maritozzo Rosso was born out of love for the city of Rome, the passion of using quality ingredients that the territory can offer, and the desire to yield innovative ideas from what tradition dictates. As best as I can describe them, the maritozzi of  Il Maritozzo Rosso are simply amazing and you must try them!

The combinations of Il Maritozzo Rosso change often but they have retained a few that have become big favorites among the clients. The best thing to do is get a tris (three) to discover the various tastes that Edoardo has prepared. I have tried a few of the combinations but the "Il Maritozzo Rosso" (duck thigh slowly cooked in low temperature with datterini tomato marjoram confit, arugula and mayonnaise with orange) is simply unforgettable.

Founded in May 2016 and not even reaching its first year, Il Maritozzo Rosso has already attained an impressive record. At the Container of This is Food 2016, it won the Most Innovative Startup of Rome and at the Taste of Rome 2016, it experienced an extensive exposure to the gastronomic world alongside the best chefs of the capital. Moving on, at the Mortadella Bò 2016 of the Consorzio Mortadella Bologna, Il Maritozzo Rosso was chosen as one of the 8 Most Delicious Regional Street Food in Italy. Currently, for the month of January until the end of February, it will be at Eataly Rome.

At the moment, Il Maritozzo Rosso functions as a mobile business. It doesn't have a permanent address yet but according to Edoardo Fraioli, perhaps soon it will have a corner of its own in the heart of the capital. For the meantime, follow the Facebook page to find out where you can get these finger-licking maritozzi. 

Top: Caponatina  Bottom: Il Maritozzo Rosso

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