Paccheri with Artichokes, Shrimp and Pancetta

I love artichokes. So much. I never had them until seventeen years ago when I moved to Italy and I still remember the first time I tried them after  my mother-in-law cooked and laid them on the table. She sautèed them in garlic, lemon and white wine and I thought they were the most delicious vegetable I have ever had. Until now. It was such a delicious opening to a big world of genuine Italian cuisine, and I realized how different the interpretation is outside the country. My only knowledge of pasta before can be counted with the fingers of one hand. Instead, Italian cuisine can be from traditional to innovative with one some important characteristics to keep in mind. Simple, healthy and using quality ingredients.

Creating pasta dishes is fun especially when there are so many ingredients that I can put together. Having some fresh artichokes, adding some fresh shrimp and toasted bits of pancetta for the final punch of taste create a simple and really delicious pasta dish. It's something that needs to be remembered and cooked again and again. The recipe asks for fresh artichokes, not the preserved ones because they taste different. 

I created this Paccheri with Artichokes, Shrimp and Pancetta recipe for She Knows. For more of my recipes there, visit my Profile Page. Buon appetito!

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