Cannoli Nachos

When I was asked to make a recipe for Cannoli Nachos for She Knows, I was torn. My husband is Sicilian and cannoli are considered as part of their culture very seriously. Of course that means that they have to remain as they are, like how they had been enjoyed for the past centuries. Deconstructing and reinterpreting them into nachos is something unheard of and instantly made him nervous. I told him that the ingredients and flavors will remain the same, just the presentation would change. I shooed him out of the kitchen and I started to work.

I used the same ingredients for the dough and the filling as I would in making the classic cannoli. Although sometimes, it is easier to just buy the pre-made shells (only from reliable shops) so you will just have to make the filling. With the Cannoli Nachos, the dough has to be made from scratch but it's simple so don't worry. Just combine all the ingredients in a mixing bowl, shape into a bowl, flatten it and cut to triangles. The nachos have to be eaten immediately after frying to enjoy them most.

Immediately after cooking, I called back my husband to the kitchen as the kids tailed him. I got smiles, seconds, thirds and more from my kids and as I watched the Sicilian in the room, he gave me a thumbs up. Yes, it does taste like how a cannolo should but it's just strange to dip it instead of giving it a big bite. The whole plate was wiped out within minutes. 

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