I Sofà Bar, Restaurant and Roof Terrace in Rome, Italy

The chairs are comfortable alright. As the name states, I Sofà Bar Restaurant and Roof Terrace (the sofas), you imagine a room full of comfortable cushioned seats with back and arms. Along with good food, wine and company, now that can be the right place for a pleasant dining experience on where to enjoy what the Eternal City has to offer. The restaurant is located on the ground floor of centrally-located Hotel Indigo Rome - St. George, a five-star boutique hotel in a quiet road parallel to Lungotevere (boulevard along the Tiber River). In summer, the rooftop seating is open for dining al fresco with a panoramic view of the city.

Chef Marco Petroni has a philosophy of leading his guests on a gastronomic journey through the regional excellence of food and beverage of Lazio. He uses ingredients from the immediate area of Lazio because he believes in spreading the superior quality that the region can offer.  The dishes that he creates are both traditional as well as innovative without losing the essence of the authenticity of the Italian cuisine. It takes one chef with passion for his work and love for his territory to take out the excellence of his talent in the kitchen.

Taking my cue from the Michelin Guide's good review of the restaurant, I went there myself for a quiet lunch in the heart of Rome. Parking is available along the Lungotevere or at the newly-constructed covered parking of Via Giulia with the entrance along Lungotevere and just a quick walk towards the restaurant.

Both pictures from I Sofà Bar Restaurant and Roof Terrace
Right from the cobblestone alley of Via Giulia, the main door of the restaurant opens to a beautiful contrast of the ancient city outside. Minimalistic modern design with the prevailing atmosphere of elegance, I Sofa Restaurant gives a great first impression as the staff gives you a warm welcome. 

Because of the restaurant's support for the regional products of Lazio, local suppliers are given ample space in the menu like the microbrewery Birradamadre,  Casale del Giglio, the famous winery of the region, and Acqua di Nepi for the natural sparkling water of Rome. The wine list has a good lineup of wines from different regions of Italy.

Starting with the simplicity of Mediterranean flavors, the aubergine and buffalo mozzarella millefeuille gives a delicious synopsis of genuine Italian cuisine while the tender carpaccio of Angus beef  is delicately flavored with pomegranate and white truffle.

Aubergine and buffalo mozzerella millefeuille with cream of San Marzano tomatoes, basil and mint emulsion
Carpaccio of Angus beef marinated with pomegranate on a bed of valerian salad leaves and toasted walnuts, accompanied with white truffle oil and sweet butter croutons
Served in a basket of pecorino cheese, Chef Marco's rigatoni alla gricia is an exquisite way of exploring your way to one of the traditional dishes of Rome that is known to have originated from the town of Grisciano (next to Amatrice) in the 12th-century. It is known as the white amatriciana for the absence of tomatoes and with the mixture of crispy guanciale (cured pig's jowl), pecorino cheese and black pepper, every bacon lover will gives it a thumbs up.

Rigatoni pasta "alla gricia" with Amatrice guanciale and black pepper sauce
The crispy lamb cutlets with grilled polenta and coulis of spiced red fruits warmed me up with the exciting tart and sweet flavors of the coulis. The coulis gave a delectable touch to the crispy lamp and grilled polenta.

Crispy lamb cutlet with grilled polenta and coulis of spiced red fruits
As always, the dessert is the best way to conclude a divine meal. The chocolate lava cake shaped like the Sanpietrino cobblestones of Rome is very good and very filling. Loved by all Italians and created in 1890, Osvego Gentilini biscuits are served with the coffee tiramisù to give you the satisfaction of dipping them in the jars. 

Chocolate Sanpietrino pudding with soft center and dried fruit on Saturn peach sauce
I Sofa Bar Restaurant and Roof Terrace is open daily for breakfast, lunch, drinks and dinner. Along with the dinners from Thursdays to Saturdays, live music serenades the diners from 19:00 up. Always book ahead.

Coffee tiramisù with Osvego Gentilini biscuits

I Sofa Bar, Restaurant and Roof Terrace

Via Giulia, 62
00186 Rome, Italy
Tel: +39 0668661846 
Email: isofadiviagiulia@hotel-invest.com
Website: http://www.isofadiviagiulia.com/

Open daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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