Ottoburg Restaurant in Innsbruck, Austria

Ottoburg Restaurant is a 360-degree Austrian experience, from outside the building until you walk through the rooms and sit down to eat. Being housed in one of the city's oldest buildings, all the guidebooks would most likely lead you there. It is indeed a destination to get to know Innsbruck inside and out. The building is as beautiful as it has always been in its 900 years of history. It stands proudly at the beginning of the Old Town at Herzog-Friedrich-Strasse, where the street opens up to more historical buildings built around the 14th-century, including the famous Golden Roof of Innsbruck. 

Owned by Dana and Markus Dengg, Ottoburg Restaurant is a big restaurant that's distributed into three-storeys of the building and six different rooms, all decorated in unique, elegant Tyrolean style. The Lokal Parterre, which is on the ground floor is the only one that's decorated with contemporary, rustic Tyrolean style and it can accommodate 30 diners. It has the most casual dining ambience among the six rooms of Ottoburg. The upper floors instead has five stuben or dining rooms of different elegant furnishings, capacities between 12 to 33 and overlook the Old Town with the Golden Roof clearly visible or the peaks of the Nordkette mountain range and the River Inn.

Lokal Parterre on the ground floor and accommodates 33
Maximilianstube on the 1st floor and accommodates 12
Frundsbergstube on the 1st floor and accommodates 20
Friedrichstube on the 2nd floor that accommodates 22
Herzog Ottostube on the 2nd floor and accommodates 33

Furstenzimmer on the 3rd floor and accommodates 14
Built in 1180 by the Counts of Andechs, Ottoburg served as the residence and fortification after they lost their original castle. In 1588, Georg Reitter, a Venetian merchant, acquired the building which at that time, bore the name Ött or Ödburg. Having resided here, towards the end of the 18th century, the building became associated with Duke Otto II of Andechs who is known to be the founder of Innsbruck.

Furstenzimmer on the 3rd floor
Friedrichstube and Herzog Ottostube, both on the second floor, may be the most requested rooms for tables but whether you are on the other floors, in the other rooms, you will still enjoy the equally incredible views and beautiful furnishings. Having dined at the Lokal Parterre for lunch, the atmosphere echoed a casual Tyrolean dining experience with attentive service. On the 3rd floor instead, at the Furstenzimmer, the dinner atmosphere was more relaxed with an outstanding view of the Old Town including the Golden Roof from one of the window tables.

Schlutzkrapfen filled with potatoes and spinach with spicy Parmesan and brown butter

Ottoburg boasts of a menu with entirely traditional dishes with a subtle influence of Mediterranean characteristics. You can get a plate of goulash with some cream on the side and  homemade spätzle, or just the classic goulash soup with diced potatoes. If you are vegetarian, you can also try the traditional schlutzkrapfen but filled with potatoes and spinach served with browned butter. A plate of wienerschnitzel is always friendly to the kids and adults alike who like to keep it simple and good. Then if you want to try one of the national dishes and something that Austrians truly love, the boiled beef in strong beef broth called tafelspitz served with apples and horseradish. To finish off a great meal which I always order in Austria, a slice of apfelstrudel with vanilla ice cream or sauce speaks volumes.

Shrimp skewers with veloutè sauce and salad
Fillet of pike-perch with white wine fish veloutè sauce, spinach with cream, and potatoes and chives
Creamy goulash with homemade butter spätzle
Baked potatoes with rumpsteak strips, fresh arugula and corn served with sour cream and barbecue sauce

If you would rather skip the meat, there are some fish entries like the fillet of pike-perch served with white wine veloutè sauce, potatoes with chives, and spinach with cream. For starters, the shrimp skewer with veloutè sauce and fresh salad is quite nice to commence a meal.

Apfelstrudel with vanilla ice cream

Ottoburg Restaurant

Herzog-Friedrich-Strasse 1
6020 Innsbruck, Austria
Tel: +43 512584338
Opening daily for lunch and dinner

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