Leftover Turkey Pinwheel Sandwiches

When we cook a whole turkey (or chicken), we always end up having leftovers and the big question that we deal with is how do we recreate dishes with them. Of course if you are in the US, this always happens to you like every other American home after Thanksgiving. We are way off the holiday now but this recipe is very useful to keep because it's simple and very easy to make. It works perfectly as an appetizer or snack for the kids.

I made this recipe for the site of Thanksgiving where you can find a lot of interesting recipes by different recipe developers, fun facts and food how-tos. It's a fascinating source of ideas that doesn't just limit you to the holiday itself but also all-year round like the recipe of these Leftover Turkey Pinwheel Sandwiches. You can also substitute the turkey with chicken. It's a healthy recipe that both adults and kids can enjoy with a glass of wine or a glass of fruit juice. It may be your regular chicken mayo sandwich but the added arugula and walnuts make a big difference in taste. For more of my recipes at Thanksgiving, click on my Profile Page. Buon appetito!

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