Teriyaki Chicken Over Miso Rice

Just with the color alone you know that you will get a very tasty chicken and rice dinner. The secret for a delicious-looking chicken is when it has a rich color of almost burnt brown. Because of the soy sauce and honey, I got the result that I was looking for. And the flavor is teriyaki - that makes it even a world better because aside from sushi and sashimi, teriyaki is the third best Japanese food for me. So let's start with this simplified version of chicken teriyaki that I paired with miso rice. It's easy and and really worth your time. I can actually do this over and over again.

First, you have to know that it does take only half an hour to cook everything but give at least 2 hours for the marinating time (better if longer of course). Second, I added the lemon slices for presentation initially but when then, they lent a lovely subtle citrus aroma and flavor to the dish so my advice is, don't skip them. I tried this dish without the lemon slices before and I think with them is much better. 

Remember that miso comes in three colors that pertain to different degrees of saltiness. Miso is a Japanese paste made of fermented soybeans (can also be rice, barley and other ingredients) salt and koji. Red is the saltiest which is the kind I used in this recipe, yellow is medium and white is the least saltiest. Just adjust the amount of miso according to what kind you have.

To get the full recipe of this Teriyaki Chicken Over Miso Rice, get it at She Knows, a site where I create recipes. To see more of my recipes there, go to my Profile Page. I hope you enjoy this recipe just like I always do. 

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