How to Make Homemade Tagliatelle (Without a Pasta Maker)

Did you ever think of making your own pasta instead of buying them? I know, it can be intimidating to make your own because perhaps you don't have a pasta maker sitting around in the kitchen or just because you don't think you will be able to carry it off. Don't worry, the answer to the two questions is that yes, you can make your own tagliatelle even without a pasta maker and yes, you will definitely be able to do it - like a pro! I learned this from a chef in a show cooking who was making the pasta like it is the most natural thing in the world. And I am excited to show it to you too. Shall we start?

All you need to make the tagliatelle are just flour (farina zero in Italy) and eggs. For the utensils, a sharp knife to cut the dough, a fork, rolling pin and a big wooden board to work on. If you have a pasta maker, it will surely be a plus because the dough will flatten very well and the slices will be uniform in size. If you don't have one, it's very ok because this recipe is for making the pasta without a pasta maker. 

Fresh pasta is different from the dried ones that we buy at the supermarket and to be able to make some fresh ones is a treat to eat because without a doubt, it tastes much better. In Italy, shops specializing in fresh pasta are everywhere but if you live in a place where they don't exist, then it really is a must to take out your rolling pin with me. You will see the step-by-step photos below but for the full recipe of making your own Tagliatelle, you will have to get it at She Knows because I created this post for them.

Tagliatelle can go with a whole range of sauces but the one that I love the most is the ragù or tomato meat sauce. Needless to say, I am not so adventurous in trying out the tagliatelle with other flavors aside from the classic ragù because as much as I want to try cooking other kinds of sauce for it, I always end up cooking the same sauce over and over again. Buon appetito!

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