Garlic Pineapple Chicken with Pineapple Ham Mixed Rice

I love pineapples and when I add them to the dishes I prepare, I love them even more, be it sweet or savory. So, yes, I am one of those people who would stop at an entry in a menu when it's written Hawaiian because for me, it is synonymous to pineapples. I grew up knowing that all Hawaiian dishes have pineapples in them but I know now that it's not true. But going back to the pineapples, here is one of my favorite meals that I created with loads of pineapples in them.

When I cook with pineapples, I always use the fresh ones but on some occasions when I cannot find good sweet ones, I also use the canned ones. I prefer the fresh sweet pineapples because they come with a light tartness that balances the blending of flavors from savory to sweet to light sour whereas the canned ones are much sweeter and they cut away the tartness that I like so it is just sweet and savory together.

This is quite a complete meal with rice, meat and fruit together. I cooked the chicken with the basic Asian ingredients of soy sauce and ginger coupled with fresh pineapples and garlic. The result is quite an exciting combination of flavors. Really flavorful. Since it is an Asian-inspired dish (with a Hawaiian twist), it has to be served with some rice and to make it even better, I sautèed the rice with pineapples, ham and peas. You should try it. 

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