One-Pot Spicy Chicken Salsa Rice

Christmas season is coming to a close and with two kids in Elementary School, the Yuletide season has another meaning for me. Christmas recitals, parties, projects and you can insert sick kids too! My husband and I are in full-throttle going through lists of things needed for the coming Christmas projects and recitals. It's a treasure hunt of odd things for the projects and costumes.

There is a surprisingly big quantity of wooden clothespins with very specific sizes, colored buttons, fabric swatches, men's long white socks, and the list goes on. My son's clothespins have long been taken to his class along with the thousand others of his classmates while my daughter's bag of treasures is resting on the table in the playroom to be taken to school on Monday. Her recital is on Wednesday and for days I have been hearing her humming Christmas songs under her breath. It's a relentless broken record of  the holiday season's classic songs reminding me too that yes, there's also time to smile and enjoy her giddy songs with made up lyrics.

Since I am always running after time, I am quite dependent on quick and easy recipes that keep the healthy aspect as the priority. When you have kids, you easily become guilty when you give them food ordered from fast foods. It is the most convenient way of putting food on the dinner table but it cannot be a frequent option but I do believe that it's ok to indulge on them with the kids once in a while. We do at times! 

I have here a recipe that is complete with nutrients and tastes quite spectacular too. Adjust the spiciness as much as you want or take it away if there are kids in the house. Mine can tolerate lightly spicy food so this amount is just perfect for us. 

Being a One-Pot Wonder dish, you just put all the ingredients in one big pot (make more room for rice expands) and wait for your complete dinner to be ready in under 30 minutes. Get this One-Pot Spicy Chicken and Salsa Rice recipe at She Knows and surprise yourself and your family about the goodness and easiness of this dish. If you like it, you can also check out my other recipes at my Profile Page. Hoping you are all enjoying your weekend!

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