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23 November 2015

Asian Sweet and Sour Fish

Contrasting flavors of sweet and sour, as the name suggests, is typically found in Asian dishes. The most popular can be pork in Chinese cuisine but whole fish can also be covered in this delectable sauce cooked with strips of carrots, onions and ginger like in the Philippines. Mmmmm. Did anyone say sweet and sour fish? This is one of my favorite childhood dishes and I think it's time I introduce it to you and maybe, you can try making it at home. So take out that Asian food lover in you and make this easy fish recipe.

For the fish, lapu-lapu or grouper is the best to use in this recipe but any kind with similar meat can definitely go well. In Italy, I can't find any grouper so I use orata or gilt-head bream. It's the closest fish that I can associate with grouper and besides, I love orata

Basically, you cook the fish separately from the sauce and vegetables. When the fish is cooked through and the vegetables tender and the sauce is thickening, just pour on the fish. This sweet and sour fish is best eaten with steamed white rice just like most Asian dishes. It is hard to eat the fish as is because the flavors are strong and the rice neutralizes them a bit. 

You can get the Asian Sweet and Sour Fish recipe at She Knows, a site where I create recipes.  If you like this, you can check out my other recipes at my Profile Page. Enjoy your week!

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