Chicken Rolls with Ham, Cheese and Sage

You know how some recipes evolve from one recipe to another over the years of cooking it and from the hands of one cook to another. This is a classic case of it. The first time I encountered these rolls was in college when a friend made them using boneless porkchops, rolled and filled with cheese. The rolls were much thicker because the regular slices of porkchops are on the thick side but as soon as they are cooked, they are delicious! I loved them so much that I cooked them often.

But over time, as I cooked them again and again, I changed a lot of things. Porkchops are tender and great to eat immediately after cooking but as they get cold the meat becomes tougher so I switched to chicken which can be found with much thinner slices leaving the rolls tender even when they become colder. I added prosciutto or ham and fresh sage along with the cheese and the taste became much more interesting and complete. Fresh sage is such a useful herb to use in cooking. I have a big pot outside my kitchen and it has been with me for more than a decade giving me an endless supply of leaves. Sage is an evergreen perennial subshrub so if you are in the right climate, it's a plant worth having at home. 

These rolls are a big hit anytime I serve them to adults and kids. They are easy to prepare and you can serve them as appetizers or as main course by just adjusting the size. If you can, use the thinnest slice of chicken that you can find or slice them yourself. I find very thin slices of chicken here in Italy (just slightly thicker than hand-sliced prosciutto) and I think that they are the best thickness to use in making these rolls. 

You can the recipe for these Chicken Rolls with Ham, Cheese and Sage at She Knows, a site where I create recipes. If you like this one,  you can also check out my other recipes in my Profile Page there. Buona Domenica! Enjoy your Sunday!

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