Strawberry Tiramisù

Tiramisù actually means pull me up.  For that reason, the real tiramisù has all the ingredients to shoo away the sleepy cobwebs in you and wake you up with the coffee in it.  I love the classic tiramisù (Yes, that is my recipe in that link!).  Who doesn't?   

And what if we change the ingredients of the classic one to a summer friendly version?  It is also much lighter which makes it really perfect for the hot days.  Strawberries can change it a whole lot!  With the redness of the fruit and the "oh so pleasant" berry goodness, this is a delicious way to enjoy summer's yields in a classic Italian dessert.  

You can find my recipe at She Knows, a site where I develop recipes.  Click on this link to get you there.  If you would like to see the complete list of recipes I have developed for them, click on this link.  Thanks and have a nice day!