Soybean, Tuna & Tomato Salad With Lemon

I spotted a pack of dried soybeans in the rack of beans and grains as I was getting some orzo (barley) to stock up my cupboard again.  The soybeans are imported from Canada, not local. I was curious. I never had the dried beans before, only the processed products that I am accustomed to using in my Asian dishes. Soy sauce for instance which I cannot live without.

After days of browsing the internet about how to cook them and with what they can go well, I got frustrated. Nothing interested me. I already had a salad in my mind so I went for it instead.  A simple and very healthy fare for beans that are so rich in protein. I mixed them with some fresh datterini tomatoes and some canned tuna drizzled with lemon. Too simple but it was surprisingly good. Soybeans have a different kind of flavor, a good one that I loved the minute I tried it. In contrast to the simplicity of the recipe, soybeans take some time in preparing with the soaking and long cooking of more than 2 hours to render them as tender. But at the end of it all, it was a wonderful dish!

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